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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle is live!

The Humble Bundle is a charity-sale of a bunch of indie games of which you might or might not heard of yet.

You decide how much you want to pay and who should receive how much out of it:
Charity or Developers, or do you just want your games?

You can support the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play, or support the cause by supporting Humble Bundle itself, who provide the bandwidth and development - in fact, they keep the project alive.

Maybe you'll remember the third round and donated already, well, here's your next chance!

What do you get out of it?
Only one game for the time being - Frozen Synapse.
The game normally costs ~$25 (though you get two copies for that).
Now includes TRAUMA as well!

But let's not forget the wonderful feeling of helping a good cause!

The Games are DRM free and you can download & play them right away, but have also the option to redeem your Humble Bundle on Steam - all games will get unlocked for your account in an instant!

Now now, go and spend some money!

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