Corpse Party


We put this on-hold for quite a while, it seemed so boring and too mundane. It still is but... nonetheless I’ll go first since some seem to be interested in "who dares to write some rants and news as well as reviews!"
*clearing my throat*

Yahoo~ Alkaid desu~

You might already know me from a game called .Hack G.U. I’m usually the quirky bossy type who loves Ramen to death ‘n back! (would be nice if I actually were the real deal wouldn’t it? ;] )

I’m mostly here to help/support that lazy priest-ish guy. 
So that our created blog (and Luka) gets a little more attention!
Gaming and reading are the most relaxing things in the world and I’m usually able to go all out in those if I have someone by my side I can trust completely. For Example the Red Dead Redemption multiplayer mode.
Basically I’m interested in anything that’s difficult and fun, the more difficult and challenging the better! Be it work, cooking, gaming, sketching or even writing some stories.

As someone who goes by the name "Alkaid" (Yowkow), I absolutely love the “Three Kingdoms”, but also books of Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, Vampire the Masquerade novels, Anime and Manga. 

It’s our self-imposed duty and pleasure to bring good things a little bit closer to the audience’s heart.  
For example such great games like the Legend of heroes Series, Tales of, Games from Imageepoch and things most normal gamers wouldn't know about, Type Moon to give another one.

Especially so, if a developer isn’t able to get proper attention via commercials or advertisements. That is why we will only post what sparks our interest in any kind of way.

You may excuse certain rants or words of dismay, since we are only human after all... there are certain things we do not like. 
One of it is unfair treatment… not only in terms of gaming, internet policy but also in terms of culture and our rights.
Sometimes it may seem stupid indeed, even childish to you. And you might be right with it, but keeping quiet over something “you don’t like” or “don’t want to accept” isn’t the right way for us. Change can only happen if there are people who have the guts to go against something.

Don't wanna badger you guys all day so... that’s all folks, thanks for reading 'n keep it stylish! 
Until then... we will try to keep our blades polished and our Ramen hot and spicy!