Corpse Party

Saturday, April 25, 2015


See my beloved Scions of the Seventh Dawn show off like never before! 
And no it will not be in the game, sadly I might add.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Project Diva NEXT

Will be available for PS3 in 2013 and PSVita~

So take a look at our goddesses in near HD graphics with the absolutely fabulous track World's End Dancehall

As you can see the World's End Dancehall performance might seem similar if you've seen musicals like Grease and Westside Story.

While those "stage performers" still seem a bit creepy in the background, especially in the song "Cat Food" this might hint that we are now able to see more Vocaloids on the Stage. On another note, though this seems highly unlikely seeing IA in there would be a absolute perfect surprise.

NEXT upcoming Songs:
Catfood (doriko)
Pierretta (nezuki)
World’s End Dancehall (Wowaka)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"New Little King's Story" Opening

New Little Kings Story, the follow up title to the Wii game was released in Japan. And Artwork Screenshots appearently from within the game. 

Pikmin stylized gameplay, as well as building elements. Visual Novel elements will drive the game's story onwards and offer you and interesting experience.

Friday, March 23, 2012

New PriniBomb News desu! This Time with Meruru-hime!

This time its the next official english trailer of Atelier Meruru and her Adventures as the new Alchemist Apprentice of Arland!
If you want to look at the complete Prinny Bomb then go right there

You can still order the game and its absolutely mindblowing
premium edition at the NISA Store!

Welcome To The
"Accelerated World"!

Getting ready for the spring anime season? No? Yes? Maybe? Well at least one entry already has a PS3 and Playstation Portable entry confirmed! It's name is "ACCEL WORLD"


First Trailer

Second Trailer

Accel World "the Story of Silver Crown" recieve a Playstation 3 and PSP game as well.
Take on the Virutal Reality MMO through Brain Burst and fight against the six Kings to reveal the truth behind the system!

You can find a story summery and the according Playstation 3 trailer in the post!