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Friday, December 30, 2011

PS Vita - Escape Plan - Demo Gameplay

Down here is one of the first gameplay videos of the game "Escape Plan" where you literally help the characters Lil and Laarge to progress through different rooms with environment puzzles.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Madoka Magica Portable

As you can see that vile creature is back to create more Mahou Shoujo. Once more supporting that thing hardly bodes well if one already has finished the animation. If not do so, it's a really good one.
Since HomuHomu is advertising the game I made an exception for it.
For more information about the first person game please visit the official site

No Information has been leaked when the game actually plays, it could be anything even an alternate universe.
The game will be released in two editions, a standard box including a bonus DVD, and a limited edition box containing a Madoka Figma, a bonus Blu-ray Disc, a Kyubey pouch, a 'HomuHomu' handkerchief and a special clear card for all who are willing to import it to enjoy.
or burn... burn that pouch...

Yahoo minna the Hyperdimension Neptune - Q&A is up!

Genki desu ne!?

Well that you've seen this fanart abomination probably not anymore.... *lol* Guess I have to apologize to my co-worker here for killing or rather blinding our visitors later on... changed the header, couldn't live with it anymore, sumimasen

I wanted to post something here, since I'm a huge fan of

Hyperdimension Neptune/Neptunia.

It's not exactly news but in case you failed to notice Siliconera and NISA finished the Q&A for the gamers!
If you haven't asked your question yet... it's probably too late to do so, or you could just head over to the Nippon Ichi America Forums!

Here you go, one link to the Q&A:
Siliconera Q&A with NISA

There they answered the most crazy questions about the game without hinting too much on the actual gameplay. That's some kind of sweet fanserice here, so applause for NISA! We would wish some more initiative on those matters from other publishers as well, wouldn't we?

Image Epoch got a delicious New Years announcement!

Once more there's the day when the year changes, since it's part of our life we don't see it as something really special except for blowing things up. Like a Kyuubey PVC (I know I will) or different explosives for the fun and view.

Imageepoch on the other hand wants to use this occation to bring you some JRPG news for a news game they would love to release.

P4 the Golden! News!

Helloooo~ and welcome back to your personal Midnight Arena! This time when you get sucked into your precious TV there will be some changes in for you that might come in handy!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aselia the Eternal Will Recieve a PSP Port

Cyberfront will release an optimized port of the strategy/adventure game "Aselia the Eternal" on Playstation Portable.

Tales of Innocence - R Screenshot Time!

New screenshots of Tales of Innocence R have arrived, this time detailed Artes pictures of Ruca, Astra his blade Durandal, Spada, Iria and Inanna, Ricardo, Hypnos as well as Ange and Orifiel.
While we are stil eagerly waiting for an announcement Japan will be able to play the game on January 26.

Tales of Innocence R will then be available on Playstation Vita and Nintendo DS. Since the release chances of the DS version are pretty slim (it was already released in 2006) the PSVita might be able to provide another ray of hope for a localization on western shores for this title.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai Trailer

Today we have a super lengthy Project Mirai/Vocaloid trailer for you!
As you can see or hear you'll be able to let different Vocaloids sing your songs, a LOL (lots of laugh) Luka version would be possible for example.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Suikoden - The Woven Web of a Century -

A new trailer has arrived that does not only introduce some of the characters and probably the games theme song but also new pieces of gameplay!
Officially named "Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki" (lit. tapestry of a hudred years of time)aka The Woven Web of a Century will soon be available for Playstation Portable.

Japan will see it's release in February. But it is yet unknown if we will also be able to play it sooner or later.

Ragnarok Odyssey - Let's get those jobs done!

By now you might have survived christmas and are ready to game again. So for a little wake up call we arranged a little collection of preview videos of Ragnarok Odysseys Jobs.
As you might assume those are the same job classes as in Ragnarok Online, the old school MMO-RPG from "Gravity" that has been around for ages now. But how will they work when one isn't bound by simple point and click mechanics?

You might want to see the answer for two of them right below here!