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Friday, September 9, 2011

Square Enix registers Final Fantasy XIII-3 Domain?!


Okay, so they registered another domain.
XIII-2 isn't even out yet (and looks still like crap) and XIII was a disaster in terms of reviews.

Versus XIII is not even close to release with very, very little information ever getting published, which mostly states how they changed plans on something again, blablablanomurahasfunlivinghiswetdream.

Now now, XIII-2 is so brilliant, a real highlight of the series. It has cities. It seemingly is going to have stores (one can only hope) and you can TALK TO NPCs WHICH THEN SPEAK THEIR TWO LINES OF TEXT! OH MY GOD! THIS IS SO NEW!!!
Aside from that, we get "world is doomed, future guy comes back" time paradox bullshit. Last guy on the planet? Noel, right, you're the last motherfucking unicorn, I know, but you still are damn annoying.

To understand XIII-2 is to understand that Square Enix is making losses without end these years. Profits are shrinking rapidly, and the company seems even more focused than ever to throw out enough crap titles to even remotely stay in business while other studios they bought one day after the fusion of Squaresoft and Enix do the proper games that actually allow them to exist at all. Endless outsourcing takes its toll.

FFXIII-2 is full of things Square Enix did not do these past years. Pokemon, time travel, towns, proper NPCs, sidequests, hiphop and another cliche plot.
Okay, the last point is nothing new, we had cliche plots before. But seriously, they've thrown so much random crap into this game, they seem desperate to attract every single group of nintenyearolds there is.
They don't seem to have enough freedom for their projects to do something proper anymore. No time and money to risk a new engine, plot and characterdesign.

Seriously, at this point, they might just do the same they did to Final Fantasy Agito XIII/Type-0 to Versus XIII: Rename it.
Noel saves his future, gets back into the Versus XIII world. Voila, XIII-3.

Or the damn Valkyre Lightning isn't real Lightning, has no sister in that paradox and always has been guarding Etro. Of course, Vanilla and Fang will be forgotten as they don't exist in that Paradox without the real Lightning. Serah is gonna be heartbroken (again...) and will look for real Lightning throughout XIII-3, finally getting rid of the sucker Noel who now is in his Versus XIII future.

Serah will then travel the worlds of other Square Enix titles that failed to sell well or be critically acclaimed, and we'll go look for Type-0 Lightning, Aya Brea Lightning, Lightning Nurse and Lightning Owuhabunga in Nigeria. There has to be a reason they recycle their character models so damn often, right?

No, for real people, I'm done with this shit. I can't laugh about it anymore after typing this post.
Knowing Square Enix' recent failures, which pile up higher than the skulls for Khorne's Skull Throne, this is gonna be just another bad game yet good example why this company's ruin is well justified.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

First Thoughts on Space Marine: Multiplayer

Finally, after about one and a half years since my registration on the official Space Marine forum, the game got released. At least in most of Europe and a while ago in the US.
Sadly, UK people and others still need to wait til Friday.

I don't really need to say much, I think. The Game is GREAT.
It feels natural, the difficulty is still fun and rewarding, and the Multiplayer gets better and better the longer you play.

It's now 7:37am, release was at midnight, and I have 5+ hours on my record already.
Surprisingly, after 2 hours of the Singleplayer Campaign, I switched to Multiplayer.
Before I quit I had some very enjoyable rounds alongside and against Relic-employees, which made a nice event. Gaming with the Developers of the game you're adoring? Brilliant experience. Now I can claim that the guys at Relic are my Battle-Brothers for real!

We're not dead yet.

While things haven't changed much since our last post, we're still on the project.
Dear Alkaid has been busy playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution; I have been playing Space Marine. A lot. A damn lot. Thus, I didn't even touch DXHR again.

We'll get back here asap, don't worry. For the time being, enjoy the First Thoughts on Space Marine's multiplayer. Yes, I'll spam this with my own review stuff for now, until Alkaid gets to write one of her own >:]

Edit: I slowly but surely get that this was a reeeeeally bad idea... ... *sigh*

Monday, September 5, 2011

Some sort of Introduction

Yahoo~ minna!

As you can see we work together here, I'm (most of the time) known as Alkaid on the internet. And I'm the biggest Luka maniac there is on the earth, even though I do not have the money to support everything of her I want to own.
That aside, we made this blog to inform a few people of highly underrated games we became very fond of over the hours of gameplay and of course other reviews of games we find interesting.

For now it might stay that way since we are a duo, so to speak, DarkChaplain here and me, no one else. Not that anyone on earth would be happy with our crazy thought process anyway. ^^'''

So it'll probably stay that way it is now for a while until we are able to actually concentrate ourselves regarding the design and such. Review first, everything else inbetween. So please don't be taken abback by this new... well let's call it..."theme".
Thanks and I hope that you all will have a good time reading through our upcoming reviews!

Yeah, we're trying to do serious Game Reviews here!

...or at least what we're telling ourselves when not being fascinated by Luka...

A-anyway, don't run away just yet, we're just playing around for now, trying to find a proper title, banner and all that stuff, refining the overall design and so on.
Believe it or not, it's progressing well!

This Luka-madness at least brought us DISQUS, a nice background and fun while working on this site, so don't judge us just yet~

Edit Alkaid:
Guess I don't need to explain to you all that we are crazy huh? ... You've seen it for yourself, but he is right, it's a nice feeling and even I am confident in this project (which usually isn't the case at all) btw currently loading/installing Deus EX HR so that Darky doesn't have to do everything on his own.
from watching it I can only say one thing: TOO MUCH YELLOW EVERYWHERE!!!!

Share your Megurine Luka Pictures here!

Yo dawg, you heard we like Luka.
Go ahead and post links and image attachments via our new shiny DISQUS comment system!

If you don't like Luka, this is the moment for you to press ALT+F4 on your keyboard.
Seriously now. Fuck off.

Edit Alkaid: It's still kind of interesting to see how people will react to that , I mean... we are serious about the topics that we will post here, most of the time. And now that... I can't really say anything against it since my fondness to our dear Vocaloid No.03 is madness.
So please treat us kindly and we will return it, since this is a small website and our first team project. *bows*

Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Thoughts on Deus Ex: HR

So, me's grabbed Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
I don't know if it will be worth the buy yet, and I'm not far into the game.

However, I already have some thoughts about the game I'd like to share. Maybe some of you can comment on them to hopefully assure me it'll get better later on.

My first time playing involved dear Alkaid, who'll work with me on a Game-related Project. We're preparing stuff currently, thinks are extremely confusing since neither of us has been working on a team project like that before, and especially the presentation needs to be done well.
More on that soon enough. Important point is I'm directly talking about the game while playing, streaming via skype.

View the Full Post to read my list of thoughts.