Corpse Party

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Wonfes 2012 will make your heart skip a beat!

Besides some beautiful already know figures Wonder festival 2012 struck with a flurry of blows that fans of certain games and animations just couldn't avoid! Even Kawakami Momoyo-sama herself would be proud of such a fighting form!

So be careful fans of Vocaloid, Black RockShooter, Persona 4, Senhime Zesshou Symphogear and Xenosaga some of you might not return from this battlefield!

Friday, February 10, 2012

New Tales of Innocence-R DLC

The new costumes "Aspired Occupations" are supposed to show you what the characters really want to be. Thanks to the events in the game it turned out to be completely different, so that mostly none of them are able to live up to their ideal vision of an occupation.

Doctor Ruca, school principal Iria, Spada the knight, Ange as a nurse, Ricardo the hunter, Hermana the nun (who in the world would want to be a... oh well), QQ a (probably military) officer and Kongwai Tao as an assassin.
As usual the set is quite pricy with 250JPY per costume, and 300 Yen after April 3.

Namco Bandai also showed us a special skit where Ruca, Iria and Spada introduce temselves to the people of Shibuya - live highjacking-! On three different screens all at once!

Miku and Future Stars in Project Mirai

What Sega will get with this might not only be a big bag of money but also lots of new people who will love Miku (and especially Luka) to death.

Our little perfect divas are now able to perform on your desk through Nintendo's AR cards. YES PERFORM, I READ IT TWICE TO MAKE SURE T^T when they now would make a alarm clock out of it I'd die inside.... s-sorry digressing...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Enhanced Edition - The Witcher 2

It's so vast!
Take a look at the Wichter 2 once more, this time, enhanced and with lots more stuff to have fun with!

Pre-order your delicious epic Dark edition for your country right here

Nendo Generations! Release on 23 February!

Remember those cute little Nendoroids you'd kill for? They're still here and are an army of awesomeness now!

The game is being developed by: Bandai Namco Games, Good Smile Company and Banpresto and will be released on February 23 for Playstation Portable

For now the known included Nendoroids are:

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trails of Blue/Ao no Kiseki huuuge Demo available in JP

Japan teases us once more with outstanding service from Falcom.
You know Falcom right? Right?? Sora no Kiseki, Ao no Kiseki, Zero no Kiseki, aka Legend of Heroes series? :D

As of today, all who have a japanese playstation network account are able to download a trail version of Ao no Kiseki which puts the word "demo" to shame.

This huge sample of the game's sheer unbelievable old school RPG capabilities will give you dear players of the world the opportunity to play through the whole prologe as well as midway the first chapter!

BUT there IS a catch.

Our Ink-Demon Got Patched!

Acquire wasted no time to get things patched up in their art style hack&Slay / Jump&Run game sumioni.
So in the upcoming days the players of that game are able to update their version for free.

This so-called patch adds two modes to our black and red friend, Ranking Mode and Gallery Mode. Ranking will let you compete against other players in terms of time and skill in dodging enemy blows. Those with the most speed and those with the smallest amount of damage will get into the top seats of those leaderboards.

A release date was not given but here are some screenshots for you to look over, so savor them for the time being until XSEEDGames releases the game here~

A New Batch of Shining Blade Screens!

Finally something postworthy again besides that cursed Project Mirai. How much must they want to cause us pain! >__<


Sega not only gave us some character art to look at but also a new foe to fight. Seemingly an ice dragon.Sadly there's no word of a western release jet but since it's Sega there is still some hope left. Let's look forward to it!

Monday, February 6, 2012

"To Kidnapp Or Not To..." in Shinobido 2

This will also be one of your tasks on the Playstation Vita, snatching people from out of nowhere and then... dropping them from a roof ...wha- I ..don't even...
It seems like the victim is able to call for help, so you best confuse or tranquilize them to keep them calm. If not it might result in unnecessary conflict.

The Revenge of Zen the Spiderlilly will be available un February 22nd for your Playstation Vita.

Get Ready For Phantom Breaker!!

Want something more than Soul Calibur V has to offer? And something less strict than BlazBlue, where Rachel's tutorial is able to demoralize grown gamers? Are you a Novel reader and know the sound lable 5pb not only as that but also as a character from Neptune/Neptunia? Got an X360 somewhere?
Then you might want to give this beat 'em up a try