Corpse Party

Friday, November 18, 2011

Innocence-R: Another Character Video And More Details!

Tales of Innoncence Sniper Ricardo Soldato is back for some action and this time with character arts and a gameplay video to enjoy.
Our 27 year old rifleman and mercenary for hire origins from an unknown hometown and is also very versile in dark as well as earth projectile arts.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Atelier Meruru Travels to The West

All hardcore fans of turn based RPGs and crafting may rejoice. Not only Rorona and Totori grand us a visit but Princess Meruru as well.
The vastly improved third and sadly last entry of the Arland series "Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland" is coming to the US and Europe in spring 2012!

King of Fighters XIII packs a real punch!

Carving for the true King of Fighters?
Curious what Atlus managed to pull off together with SNK!?
Let's find out with a 13 minute gameplay video!

Ni No Kuni Live Action advertisment & Gimmick

Don't be freaked out by Oliver and his little buddy Shizuku just yet! Aside from the advertisements there also is a little surprise here!

You might have already heared that the DS Version of Level-5's newest RPG will offer a different kind of playstyle from the PS3 version. in "Ni no Kuni The Jet-Black Mage" player is ought to draw the spellcasting symbols of the Ni No Kuni world with their stylus onto their touchscreens to let Oliver perform the actual magic. It seems like the developers will offer the players a special little something to make it even more appealing!

New God Eater 2 Scans and Screens will gnaw on your soul

Another PSP entry and maybe the last one of God Eater for the Playstation Portable is coming to Japan and probably the western regions as well.

MAX PAYNE goes round 3 in March! [Updated]

And with this announement comes a stunning R* Gameplay presentation that might blow the old crowds mind. It's not just about bullet time anymore, they evolved the shooting system a bit.
As you can see in the Video there's a lot more precision involved, since it was a bit lacking in Max Payne 2.