Corpse Party

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Infinite Souls /Mugen Souls Battle Preview!

Take a look at the battle system of Infinite Souls from Compile Heart, always wanted Compile Heart and the Disgaea artist to work together? Well then here you go. It is all yours!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Yakuza "Of The End" - Mini Games Without End

Enough of stagnated boring "shooting one zombie-dude's head off his shoulders"? This time this will blow your mind, not their's! And it will once more include the japanese dub!

Will be called Yakuza Dead Souls here, naturally what comes with te package are usually a bunch of addicting minigames that will always drive the playtime amount through the roof (or until the next title in the series).

This will also be the case in "Ryu Ga Gotoku of the End"

While other Yakuza titles crazed us with Mahjong, Poker, Black Jack, Slots, Sega's favourite Ufo catcher, Karaoke, Golf, Baseball and so forth "Of the End" will now bring a new twist into those.

The Humble Bundle Mojam

The Humble Bundle Team and Mojang have just started their "Mojam"-Project.
Over the next 60 hours, Mojang, creators of Minecraft, will develop a simple Game from scratch. The whole process is gonna be streamed live via and both Genre and Setting have been open for the community to decide over the last few days. All that for Charity alone!

Max Payne 3 - Second Trailer

Take a look at what brought Max into this brazilian drug hell hole.

A Persona 4 U(ltimate) Tutorial

Give your thanks to Kuma(Teddy) and Rise-sama for some special introduction in the controls of Persona Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena. So let's try to combine our skills with those of a Persona when the game's port will be released!

"Yo, mind if I kick a little ass here?"

French Bread's New Game Arrives!

Publisher Ecole released some screenshots of the game along with it's title. It is know for months that this game exists and that it's "kind of" a Melty Blood successor in HD. But the game will probably not have anything to do with Type Moon's beloved fighter spin-off.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why You Shouldn't Bother:
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Free Weekend

Steam is known for hosting Free Weekends once in a while, some introducing less-popular Indie games, others boosting the playerbase of already successful or rather unknown games, but sometimes even big blockbusters offering to join the Multiplayer mode for a few days.

These Free Weekends usually come with discounts, with most franchises going down at least 50% during that time.
It makes sense, getting people to test your game for a limited timeframe with the option to permanently add it to their libraries at a discounted price: Get them hooked, make them buy!

This Weekend you can play Call of Duty's latest "Modern Warfare 3" until Sunday, 1pm PST.
But wait, don't be excited just yet! Read on to learn why you shouldn't bother...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PSVita Games hit US PSN Store & Pricecuts

Today's news are quite nice!
The Playstation Vita's launch is accompanied by a bunch of new entries in the Playstation Store, including a row of digital PSV Games, Demos and DLC.

The Last Story - A Second Trailer

To come through the time of mindlessly waiting for a game to be released Nintendo and Mistwalker grant us a beautiful trailer of the soon to be released Nintedo Wii game "The Last Story"

Though the names of the characters have been changed and the text has been translated, gameplay and story will remain the same. That is why both companies decided to give you another chance to look at the engaging system of this heartwarming game.

.Hack// Beyond The World - 12 Minutes Of The Movie

It seems like the movie will take place in 2024 on the 22nd of November. Not much is known about it but the movie will - as previously clarified- also include a game. A character who looks like Haseo from GU has been announced as well.