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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Be Brave and Kind! That's The Way in Tales of the Heroes

Milla/Mira Maxwells remark ("You are too kind" ) is likely directed at her companion from Tales of Xillia, Jude Mathis.
Anyone wonder how her precious chibi/super deformed model will look like?

The Opening will be performed by Funkist and goes by the title "SHINE" (no not japanese for die, not this time, just simply shine ;D)

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Dance with the Devils Once More!

Ready for this trailer?

Also Siliconera will give you a nice little preview on the game, so read it if you are interested! :3

Ready for some Shining Blade Merchandise?

But prepare yourself, it looks good but some of the poses are quite naughty. Not that... most of us would have anything against it. *cough, cough* ^^'''

D-Depending on where you order the game, you can expect telephone cards, clear files, tosho cards or a desk mat.

Isn't that neat? :3
Gimme that desk mat Japan and the telephone card from Softmap!! :D

More information about the game needed?
Then you can go right here!

Twin Brave - Rebirth!

And we have some new character videos again, this time Tytree and Veigue from Tales fo Rebirth!
But that is not all! The site also has new updates you might like to see since they let us look at the "tension system" this time. And it also has lots of ...chibis. ;)

The Witcher 2 X360 Developer Diary 0 Has Arrived!

Witness the thought process and development of the X360 adaption of "The Witcher 2 Assassin of Kings"

Tales of Graces F pre order bonus of North America &Canada

Today Gamestop Canada listed something intersting: According to the site, if you pre-order Tales of Graces-F you will recieve the exact same bonuses that the japanese version had. So let's quote this:


Pre-order now with EB Games and gain access to a nostalgic set of outfits from the Japanese release of Tales of Destiny® 1 & 2! Not only will these costumes gives Asbel, Sophie, and Richard a whole new look, wearing them will change the battle music as well!

In addition, customize your XMB with the Tales of Graces f theme. With graceful icons and dynamic wallpaper, you'll live and breathe Tales of Graces f in-and-out of the game!

Aka Asbel as Kyle Dunamis, Sophie's Rutee Kartrea costume and Richard in Judas's attire.

 You can find the pre-order page right here as well as pictures of the DLC.

Other gamestop sites have not listed this item yet, so unless you have some prove that the United States or/and Europe will recieve the same items you are allowed to treat this as a rumor.

Persona 4 Ultimate Arcade Opening!!

For all those who haven't seen it yet MayonakaMidnight grants you some more insight on the game system and ight give you a certain amount of preperation for summer. (just in case you want to import the game)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Legend of of Heroes for the Playstation Vita

It's nearly time to unveil the "Legend of Heroes: Trails of Zero" Full voice version! So Falcom will commemorate this with a stream where they show some footage from Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky the video animation as well as a audio drama with Tio!

Gust's New Game will be...
Ciel no Surge: Song of the Lost Star’s Offering

They already teased something a while ago and it was a pretty onious site and video.
So we're all glad we got past that part where we thought that Gust might be up to a new survival horror or "escape thousands and thousands of rooms" game. since we already have that in "Good People Die".

Labyrinth Tower Legacista Screenshots on mass!

Get ready for a new batch of screenshots of Legacista and also Artwork of the two new characters!
Don't you want an army of Prinny's outside of the Disgaea universe? Now's your chance since the little creatures will be creatable and at your disposal in Ivy Tower Legacista.
There's only one question left, ... can we throw 'em?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tales of Innocence-R Let's Make Things Hard to Choose From...

Don't like these? 
Well then NamcoBandai will once more provide a chance for a change in the clothes department. So behold the power of casual clothes, cosplay suits, school attire and... some special costumes out of Innocence itself.

The Last Story UK/EU Trailer

And here it is the english version of the long awaited Wii RPG hit named The Last Story. Made by no other than Mistwalker and is directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi and as previously also mentioned the Composer of the games stunning Soundtrack is Nobuo Uematsu.

There is a slight grain of salt in that soup though...

Atlus is Taking Care of Your Persona(l) Needs!

Yeah okay, I'll give it to you guys, that title is quite cheesy...but...!

We have new screenshots here, quite psychodelic ones indeed! So colorful that even Teddy looks a bit more stern than usual!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

One "Witch of the holy Night" Translation coming right up!

Absolutely love Type-Moon?

Want to play "Mahou Tsukai no Yoru" but don't understand a single word of that pretty (but for western culture) complicated Kanji stuff?
A russian forum has the perfect solution for all your Type-Moon related needs!

english translated trail

So download it and unleash the power of TM's newest work! Follow the skilled magician "Blue" aka Aozaki Touko's sister through her adventures.

Oh and don't forget to have loads of fun, even though the demo is pretty short it's really enjoyable!

And once more Infinite Souls shows off with it's content!

Now look at those super moves!
They're clearly a bit ridiculous but that doesn't make them any less fun!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Good People Die Has A Game On it's Site

The spiritual successor of "Extreme Escape Adventures 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors" has a new mini game on it's site and it's ... ... revealing ... in more than one way.
Dare to look at it or rather play it? Then keep a water bottle near you, because my CPU up there nearly burned to a crisp. *points at my head*

Not only that, the Opening seems to be really crazy as well, can't wait for the actual game!
It will be available on Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS so keep your eyes and ears open.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shinobido 2 - New Gameplay Video

Get ready to silently slaughter every enemy that crosses your path in Shinobido 2 Revenge of Zen. On February 22 you're able to purchase the game in North America and Europeat your local retailer or amazon.

Got what it takes to reach higher ranks?

This will high-likely be the cover for the German edition ... given that the USK logo is already present and the colors are quite true to an original shot of a PS Vita game case.

Who the hell would do something like this??? In the name of all artwork... look at it it's atrocious! That USK emblem... GOD FREAKIN HELL!!!
Never move to Germany it will ruin every game's cover...

Black Rock Shooter!
Finally some Yomi/Dead Master again!

Remember this?

Today anime news network reported something nnniiice~ and the emphasis on "nice" is really big here.
Nico Nico Douga's Nico Nico channel will be streaming all 8 episodes of the new Black Rock Shooter series online in eight different languages!

So watch the new trailer and be amazed what we will soon be able to see!

Labyrinth Tower Legacista - Look it's ...

One huge, chibi stylized cameo!
Love Mistress Etna the feisty violent demon from the underworld of Disgaea?
Looking forward to Legend of Heroes Zero and Trails of Blue (Ao no Kiseki)?

Well then here you go!

ETNA-sama and Tio!
Don't know a thing about Legacista? then you might want to take a look >>here, because that's anything we know about Legacista so far<< !

Also can you spot a certain servant creature on one of the screenshots? ;)

Toki to Towa - Time & Eternity

first of ...*bows* my apologies... none of those crappy son of a b*cough* tools I downloaded or installed actually worked on a live stream. That being said you won't be able to watch the whole interview of Toki to Towa but we have the trailer!

New Batch of Digimon Re:Digitize Screenshots!

Once more the developer released new evidence that the game still exists, it is still in developement but we can see where they are going from here. Even the Tamer Arc Digimon are included as well as Shinegreymon from Datasquad.