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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Labyrinth Tower Legacista Screenshots on mass!

Get ready for a new batch of screenshots of Legacista and also Artwork of the two new characters!
Don't you want an army of Prinny's outside of the Disgaea universe? Now's your chance since the little creatures will be creatable and at your disposal in Ivy Tower Legacista.
There's only one question left, ... can we throw 'em?

Besides the Demon King Laharl and his minions there will be Dwarf and Felpir from Class of Heroes as well as Tio and Misshi from Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky

Take a look at Mimily Bahamut the half-dragon girl and Volks Zaeed a skilled thief, who on the other hand isn't very good in fighting but really fast ab probably skilled.
Bahamut-san on the contrary is able to use the ancient weapons ni the game.

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