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Friday, March 23, 2012

New PriniBomb News desu! This Time with Meruru-hime!

This time its the next official english trailer of Atelier Meruru and her Adventures as the new Alchemist Apprentice of Arland!
If you want to look at the complete Prinny Bomb then go right there

You can still order the game and its absolutely mindblowing
premium edition at the NISA Store!

Welcome To The
"Accelerated World"!

Getting ready for the spring anime season? No? Yes? Maybe? Well at least one entry already has a PS3 and Playstation Portable entry confirmed! It's name is "ACCEL WORLD"


First Trailer

Second Trailer

Accel World "the Story of Silver Crown" recieve a Playstation 3 and PSP game as well.
Take on the Virutal Reality MMO through Brain Burst and fight against the six Kings to reveal the truth behind the system!

You can find a story summery and the according Playstation 3 trailer in the post!

Little King's Story Will Be Out In Japan Next Week

To celebrate that here's a new trailer to keep your mind on important things! Like managing your little army while venturing through the kingdom.
You can do all that with a little swoop of your finger!

Ah and the game has been confirmed for Europe as well! Even more the reason to celebrate!

If you and your army free a place of the terrifying monsters and it's boss inhabitants will show up and help you to create a lively town as time passes.
That way you will be able to see what kind of impact your actions had in the game. Building bridges is also no problem for the little guys.

So be a king worth fighting for on your Playstation Vita!

TokiTowa - Detailed Pictures Of The Other Heroines!

Imageepochs Playstation 3 RPG Toki Towa and the additional heroines were already discussed at the game developers interview a while back!

Now we have a little bit more information on them and also their final names and looks in the actual game!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's here, It's here, we're still right here! ...

SKEEEIIITHHH! (or in that case CyberConnect2/NamcoBandai)

Remember the dot Hack game which will be tied to the movie? For a few hours we know that it will be a fighting game. It will go by the title "Hack Versus" and does seem to have similarities with the well known "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm" series.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Are You A Gamer? Then Try And Fighting For A Cause!

First off this matter concernes not only CC2 and Hack but many, many publishers and game developers as well as games out there!

Joystiq and Cruchyroll already mentioned a reoccurring problem with some of the J-RPG franchise. We all love games and want to see more of them, so bringing up matters of concern in this category is basically all we can do to persuade publishers and developers alike.

Everywhere outside of Japan is a huge lack for japanese games on the market, most of the time because most gamers usually only like the main stream games, like for example Call of Duty, Battlefield 3, Skyrim and so on.
It's not a bad thing to like those, since we like what we like but to condemn or ignore other games in fact is. So that's why I'm going to say:

Even if you are not particularly interested in games others want, you can still help them to achieve their goal and the games they love. Helping each other out is what we gamers do best, aside from saving the world or roughing each other up in a match of Melty Blood, Street Fighter, Mass Effect, BlazBlue and so on.

Let's give an example: