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Friday, February 17, 2012

Yakuza "Of The End" - Mini Games Without End

Enough of stagnated boring "shooting one zombie-dude's head off his shoulders"? This time this will blow your mind, not their's! And it will once more include the japanese dub!

Will be called Yakuza Dead Souls here, naturally what comes with te package are usually a bunch of addicting minigames that will always drive the playtime amount through the roof (or until the next title in the series).

This will also be the case in "Ryu Ga Gotoku of the End"

While other Yakuza titles crazed us with Mahjong, Poker, Black Jack, Slots, Sega's favourite Ufo catcher, Karaoke, Golf, Baseball and so forth "Of the End" will now bring a new twist into those.

God and Sega alone know... what the players will be able to ... achieve here.

So let us once more try the Yakuza way to unwind our minds from daily life!

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