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Friday, December 16, 2011

XSEED Announces Sumioni: Demon Arts

Aaaaaaand we're back with some excellent news! XSEED, our beloved publisher of titles like Trails in the Sky, Corpse Party and Fishing Resort officially announced its next localization today. This time it's all about "Sumioni: Demon Arts". Never heard of it? Well, that's not surprising, since it's a Playstation Vita title and isn't even out in Japan yet.
From the looks of it, Sumioni will be one of the launch titles for the western PSV release!

Sumioni presents the PSVita's new features, specifically what you can do with the touchscreen, and how it can benefit Games. This example featuring the Ink Demon (who looks pretty cool!) shows expertly how to involve touch controls in your games to create a unique feeling, rather than just adding them for the sake of it.
Sitting in the camp of "traditional" controls, I can't help but be excited about that game.
Thanks to XSEED it will eventually appear on my doorstep - in a language I can understand!

Playstation Vita - Unboxing & Dynasty Warriors NEXT Gameplay Video

A generous costumer allows us to see the unboxing of Sonys newest handheld, as well as a few seconds gameplay of Dynasty Warriors Next.

Playstation Vita - Does Size Matter?

You might find yourself asking exactly that when you look at the 3DS or the UMD disks.
Most of the cardriges and different media over the years took many forms and colors. But no matter where you go, having several disks or modules with you is always a disadvantage.

Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave - Another Tales of:

New character Videos are available to your leasure as well as three scans and some information that might make your heart skip a beat!
Two of the Newcomers you will find in this post are Shing and Kohaku form the DS title Tales of Hearts

New Mystic Artes Videos - Tales of Innocence-R

This time with Ricardo Soldato and Hermana Larmo.

Previously we showed Ange and Kongwai Tao right here

To watch them and see some more information just click on "more"~

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tales of Graces F - European Release Date & Cover

First of let's start the day with some "high-five" news!
Europe, the long shunned one regarding RPGs; who's gained a little more ground by localizing Xenoblade and Last Story first, has once more reason to rejoice.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Persona4 Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena - Certain Special Moves

And here they are! New and freshly released! Gameplay footage of the special moves!For those who want to know more about the game should consider looking into the Shin Megami Tensei Persona franchise, especially Persona 3FES and Persona 4!

Gravity Daze/Rush & RagnarokOdyssey Trailer

New footage of Gameart's Ragnarok Odyssey. For all who do not know who that is, they are the creators of the Grandia series and also partially Lunar Silver Star Story. Which are both great game series who brought gamers all over the world much joy and fun.

On the other hand the new Gravity Daze/Rush trailer impresses with a neat cell shading graphics, fluid battle mechanics and also rather unique gameplay.

Monday, December 12, 2011

An hour of PSVita Gameplay! -Videos-

Since the release of the Playstation Vita isn't so far away in Japan... Sony and different developers proffer us delicious footage of certain launch titles.
One addition the gamers might truly love is the second analogestick and you will be able to witness it in all it's glory.

Enjoy the footage of Gravity Daze/Rush, Uncharted the Golden Abyss, Shinobido 2, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 and New Little King's Story!

"Actress Again Current Code" Demo delayed

And once more like it SHOULD NOT happen... we're waiting and waiting. It's hard to believe that one can get so impatient after waiting more than two years to get this game on the PC.
Most of the Players might already own the Playstation two version and love it to hell and back.
A friend of mine for example is constantly remindung me that I said something like:
"I will defeat you again and again! Akiha is still in there and Red Arc as well! Not even RYOUGI or Type Earth can stop me!" (guess I was too full of myself 'cause he's still waiting like a hawk. xD)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tales of Innocence R - one more PV awaits us

With promotional video No.03 things get pretty interesting!
Once more Xillias' mission feature the hot springs make a return in the Tales series so you can already brace yourselves for another heartwarming or funny skit. ;D

Darksiders 2: Death Teaser

Aside from the Bullshit that's been the VGAs, there's actually something more relevant - a new Darksiders 2 Teaser!