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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bethesda now blaming Drivers for RAGE

Yeah, that's shopped. Not far from the actual game, though.

Yes, indeed. A game that's been in development for six years does not run nicely with drivers of the past year. id seemingly didn't have enough time to test their product on normal machines to make sure it runs on current hardware - who would have thought of technological advancement?

While many folks are playing RAGE on PC and not running into issues, we’re aware that some of you are experiencing issues with screen tearing and texture issues. These problems can be attributed to driver issues, and we’re currently working with Nvidia and AMD to resolve them as quickly as possible.

We know that you want to experience RAGE at its absolute best, so we’ll continue to use this blog post to keep you posted.

The responsibility of making your game run smoothly now has gone to the video card producers. These have to make sure their drivers adapt to every pile of crap developers put out, why would you ask the developers to adapt to the environment they're working for in the first place? And god, why would Bethesda and id put any video configuration settings into their damn game?

Long Live Play!

There is a place for all of us, something to relax, something to come back to. We all do it every day, yet most of the time we never realize what our actions cause.
That is probably why the PSChannel did this today once more:
"When they tell your story, what will they say?"

So that we, the gamers, that should have fun with the characters, suffer, laugh and fight with those in need are reminded of what it truly means.
This is not just gaming, THIS IS LIVING!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

RAGE - This will Piss People off!

Who would have thought that Bethesda & id Software's new game "RAGE" would actually enrage customers like it actually did since it unlocked tonight via Steam?

Not only did Bethesda show its true colors in the court case against Mojang, but also the most recent game seems to be a magnificent dickmove against customers playing on PCs.

While even the developers themselves admitted it was a huge mistake to start developing for both Consoles and PCs at the same time 6 years ago, they didn't come to realize their mistake early enough, it seems.
Six years ago, both X360 and PS3 were still young, and easily up to par with most PC configurations of the target audience, if not more advanced.
The rise of PCs against the static hardware of consoles was clearly visible to all, yet id didn't rethink their strategies.

Now the damage is done. RAGE has been released in the US and it screams

Sunday, October 2, 2011

DX3: Human Revolution – Review

The long awaited sequel or rather prequel to the first two games, a title I was hesitant to play. One reason was that I am by no means an Eidos fan and the second that … it’s published by SquareEnix.
The reasons I decided to review all this were also two. The good scores it managed to achieve in every magazine or site there is and the point that my co-worker DarkChaplain stopped playing it for a while. *g*

Some of you might have played it already, finished the game, congratulations for that feat since this one has a pretty healthy gameplay counter.
If the explanation of every detail is too long to bear for you, please feel free to jump to the "conclusion part".