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Friday, January 13, 2012

Shinobido 2 English Trailer - The Ways of a Shinobi

Namco Bandai will bring you the Adventure of a lifetime of war and stealth, kill or be killed, sneak or charge. It is yours to whatcha waiting for?

This feature and character trailer might help you in your descission! But as of yet it is unknown if the japanese voices will also be included...

Wii U Tokyo Street Demo

So let's play "captain obvious" (aka Fi/Phai) for a second:
This live performance demo shows you what the Wii can do, while you're playing a game on the console. Nintendo clearly took a lot of inspiration from former 3DS, DS and one (never released) Playstation 3 title.

In this demo the player will be able to move his or her tablet (the controller) around freely, change the light/daytime and also look at the first Legend of Zelda game in HD. As you may already have grasped Nintendo once more seems to recommend the use of a stylus, als you already know it from previous handhelds.

HATSUNE MIKU and Future Stars - Project Mirai Commercial!

But not only that, with this small little clip it seems that the themesong for the game has finally be revealed!

Sadly as of now, no western release date has been revealed, which means that this could either take a long time... or we might never get it.
To clarify this horrible fact once more, an import seems impossible as of now.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sumioni - New Gameplay Footage!

Curious what XSEED's new publishing material will look like? Then have a close look at Sumioni's gameplay! This time including real life touch panel/screen action of the Playstation Vita!

Extraordinary Delicious Prinny bomb & Neptune News!

A new Prinny bomb has arrived and once more NISA proves that they love fanservice more than anything else on this planet because there's actually a contest for you to join! But not only that, a explanation of the Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk. II Lily Rank System is included!

You can find the information >>riiiight here on the official NISAmerica webpage<< or down here!
Actually this is Volume 198! Which means only 2 to go until they finally reach the big 200!

Code Princess - Trailer

Take a look at the first trailer of Code Princess for Nintendo 3DS, the game will cost around ¥6,090 but don't grab your calculator just yet. Why? Because Yen and Euro/Dollar conversion isn't always easy like that. Software is usually much more pricy in the rising sun.


The developer is Agatsuma Entertainment and you can go to the game's official site right here.

The Instincts of an Assassin

Get a look at the new insinct feature in Hitman: Absolution

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Shots of a Certain Winter Event!

Persona 4 the Golden graces us once more with some footage of the new included features of the Playstation Vita port. As of now you might call it overhauled version instead or a very good port with additional content.

New Hitman Screenshots have arrived

It's time for some good old assassinations! Are you ready to join Agent 47 in his quest for revenge?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Take a Look at Bandai Namco's Newest Game!

Right now the adress of this channel isn't in use but what might us await here, at least it looks promising!


But there are rumors that the character artist who created those beautiful artworks is none other than Bakemonogatari's VOFAN

Samurai & Dragons!

From the producer of the RyuGaGotoku Series (aka Yakuza), Masayoshi Kikuchi. Like a Dragon this new Trailer has suddenly appeared and this game will be available for Playstation Vita.

Take a Look at Shining Blade and it's Concerto System

For all those who do not know of the game yet to are able to find that information right here.

Grandia 2's Artist Works On A Phone Horror Game

And as you can see it is called Blood Memory.

In case you didn't know Kanoe Youshi is the name and she's been working on Grandia 2 and 3 as well as the manga "Lily Trigger".

As of now the game was only developed for Android phones but unlike other phone novel games it uses the touchscreen as well as accelerometr controls. Also Bandai Namco warns that the game has bloody scenes but you can turn them on and off to your liking.

Nippon Ichi Sets Their New Game for June!

Thanks to Dengeki Playstation we finally have the release date for the Playstation 3 RPG "The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers" aka Majo to Hyakkihei which was previously announced for spring release.
Now they decided to release it in early summer, to make things even more specific June 28th!

The Dengeki also included a full preview for the game, including characters and gameplay details!

Asura's Wrath Demo

The demo for the new game from CyberConnect 2 and Capcom will be available today on Xbox Live and Playstation 3.
It's the same one we already saw at the Tokyo Game Show so for those who played it or have seen it already then there's nothing new to find here. For everyone else prepare for some hardcore button mashing!

Along with that comes a promotion video, the interview of Tsuchiya Kazuhiro and a few screenshots!