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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Aselia the Eternal Will Recieve a PSP Port

Cyberfront will release an optimized port of the strategy/adventure game "Aselia the Eternal" on Playstation Portable.

This absolutely stunning version will recieve a wide screen optimization for the handheld as well as a re-balancing and a absolutely gorgeous opening. During battles Aselia the Eternal for PSP has enhanced special attack graphics as well as new cut-in images.

If you want to play it first hand without your trusty handheld then look no further since JAST USA has just released the PC Version in english earlier this year.

Cyberfront includes limited edition contend for those who want to snatch their copy earlier. If you should decide to grab your money tree and rob it off it's leafs then you will recieve the following:

  • A special artbook with enhanced character profiles, artworks and as well as animation sketches.
  • The Soundtrack CD including the full vocal tracks of the Game: The new Opening 「Limit of Heaven」, 「この大地の果てで」(At the End of the Earth), 「永遠のアセリア」 (Eternal Aselia), and 「hallelujah」

Pre-ordering this nice piece of work from certain retailers (Sofmap, Gamers, Media Land, and so on) will grant you one character artwork in form of a telephone card of either: Aselia Bluespirit, Lesteena Dai Rakios, Oruphaliru Redspirit or Esperia Greenspirit.

PC Opening

Authors note

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