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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"New Little King's Story" Opening

New Little Kings Story, the follow up title to the Wii game was released in Japan. And Artwork Screenshots appearently from within the game. 

Pikmin stylized gameplay, as well as building elements. Visual Novel elements will drive the game's story onwards and offer you and interesting experience.

New Little King's Story is more elaborate than the first glance will give away, it will include various features like network ranking in quests. So players are able to compete against eachother to clear the missions as fast as they can manage. Also the players will recieve different titles according to their times.

The game also includes a hospital this time, so that your injured characters can recover from their wounds. This is a major change to the Wii version, because in the previous title your courageous knights would just simply die.

It will also feature downloadable contents like different costumes for your little O-sama and his followers a School uniform set and a doctors set will launch this week.

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