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Monday, September 19, 2011

Still no proper Name!

You see, when we started this one, we were thinking about a name that points at contrasting games aka good and bad ones, since we're having a hard time finding a middlepoint between games we like and games we dislike. If we like something, it will get pretty much praised, but if we dislike something, oh lord, Square Enix knows.

So, we couldn't come up with a name, put up "Luka Loves Games" due to Alkaid's and mine love for Megurine Luka.
However, this is just a WIP-Title, and as it is, this title/url will need to be dropped asap, as much as it hurts us to say goodbye to our little Luka-shrine.

We've since changed our minds and want to be more neutral and open, not directly condemning games as bad games all the time, and also provide interesting stuff and news around gaming, which can't be categorized as good or bad anyway.
Still, we put up a special tag for Rants, which also appears in the navigation.
Yes, we will rant. A lot. Especially about how much a certain company sucks.

Still, no god-forsaken neutral name appeared to this very moment, and it's driving us nuts.
So, as we want to take this Blog the next step ahead on its road to disappointment GLORY, we clearly need a name, and that's where you shall feel free and comment on this post, providing us with suggestions while we're preparing more content, reviews and the likes for you.
Sounds fine? Deal. Now get thinking!

On another note, you might have noticed that we love the new Spoiler Tags, which we have two types of: MouseOver ones that only hide some text elements that might spoil you, and hide/show spoilers, that will come in handy for structuring posts and posting a lot of videos.
Quotes are satisfying enough for now, the navigation works, the author widgets are in, Alkaid is getting used to posting and basic html.
Did we forget anything important?

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