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Friday, September 23, 2011

Steam Weekend Deal: Company of Heroes Franchise

Relic's Company of Heroes-franchise is 80% off this weekend on Steam.
80% discounted? Hell yes! That's 4,99€ in EU areas for the complete series, $9.99 for the US.

Company of Heroes brings a strong narrative onto your PC. World War II hasn't seen a better strategy game ever. The atmosphere is captivating and feels authentic.
The game's RTS mechanics are deep, the cover system is essential, the point-capture-system makes sure the game stays dyncamic rather than having base-rushing like present in Blizzard RTS games.

While the Dawn of War 2 franchise might be more focused on game dynamics due to completely dropping basebuilding, CoH still comes with construction, more ressources, strategic perks and a few more factions, giving you enough freedom to fit into your personal preferences of warfare.

Another great advantage is that all of the 3 games available - Company of Heroes, Opposing Fronts and Tales of Valor - are stand-alone titles.
Owning licenses for all of them unlocks the full package, all game-modes, factions and Campaigns, while all of them share the same multiplayer community, regardless of which games you own.
This means you could buy one of the games right now, play all you want and buy the rest when you got convinced by the game's brilliance.

I'll take the chance to shoot some Krauts today. Care to join me?

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