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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year & recent happenings

Okay I wanted to tell you all something since there are no interesting news this week for me. However there were a few interesting things we want to share, like for example:

A really beautiful Samus Aran Figma

Gorgeous Irisviel, Kyouko, Millihoire and Hime Figma

Why Myst 3D isn't so 3D on the 3DS (selfexplanatory)

Fate/Prototype is out!!!!


Saber (male): Sakurai Takahiro
Sajyo Ayaka (Saber’s master): Hanazawa Kana
Archer: Nakamura Yuichi
Lancer: Nakai Kazuya
Reirokan Misaya (Lancer’s master): Saito Chiwa
Rider: Miyano Mamoru
Rider’s Master: Ogata Megumi

And you know what? I LOVED IT!
Give us the movie! GIVE US A SERIES! GIVE US A NEW NOVEL! *cough*

Aside from all of that merchandise and love I wanted to inform you that a corpse party review may be on it's way as soon as I found all name tags. Or rather as soon as I manage to play the game a second time without wanting to cry out of fear and the horrors because there are a lot of bad ends missing on my list. T^T
Stay stylish and game on! 

Also a belated happy new year!

See you in Melty Blood, Twitter or in new posts here! x3

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