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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Wishlist for fun, or at least the stuff little Alkaid could think of right now. Also information is included as well, though only partially. But leaving that section empty is unbearably bleak and shallow so filling this place with wishes and a little complaint is in order. Hope you don't mind if you do, just ignore this post and have a nice day! ;)
Also this might not be the real intention for this place but I just can't stand empty space like that even though we go on it every day.
  1. More visitors & comments
  2. More money to affort new released games like Assassin's Creed Revelations, had to cancel my pre-order due to absolutely unsolvable money problems since the European economy is going downhill right now. And so does our money... so Dark has to review this one on his own, too bad would've loved to review it.
  3. Review suggestions (should make a poll??)
  4. All you can eat soba
  5. A Fate/Stay Night or /Extra RPG!
  6. Servant Rider as a playable character in Fate/EXTRA CCC
  7. Hyperdimension Neptune Mk.II!!
  8. Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky 2 & 3 (GO XSEED!)
  9. Corpse Party for PSP
  10. GTA V (Yes I'm a sucker for the series!)

If you have ideas, wishes, interesting topics or some kind of offer we cannot refuse, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Signing off for now since there are no interesting news atm except for Square Enix saying that "They do not know when they will be able to release FFXIII Versus, even though they already announced it nearly 6 years ago".
bravo to that one SE, bravo!
Other than that we wish you a nice November and that you will have fun playing the games you love and look forward to.

You want to see how that Luminous Engine from VS looks like? Here you go:

Would like to see something fun instead?

»If you want to die bleeding to death, please click Spoilers«

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