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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Labyrinth Tower Legacista for Playstation 3

Developer System Prisma released their first trailer of "Meikyuu Touro Legasista" or better "Labyrinth Tower Legacista" a survival action RPG about a month ago. As usual Nippon Ichi Softwares will do the publishing.
While the trailer boasts with impressive and engaging music which Itou Kanako will once more perform as the songstress of this work. The style of the game is more old-school, it might remind you of "3D Dot Game Heroes".

You might know Itou Kanako from the Steins;Gate opening, Chaos;Head, Saya no Uta or the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Matsuri ending "friend".

Long ago in ancient times where technology was at it's peak and humanity feared magic and wild beasts those living beings decided to lock everything they made away. For over thousands of years no one dared to even venture to the grave of those achievments, the Ivy Tower... until one day a 17 year old boy wanted to save his sister...

  ... His name is Alto and not much is known about him besides that his sister has been petrified by a (for now) unknown curse. To save her he wanders into the Ivy tower's rail yard in search for a cure.


While stumbling through this ivy-maze he meets Melize a humanoid robot that has been turned of in the middle of nowhere.  Our Cyborg lady was created by an ancient organization and knows much about the rail yard.

And Dungeon Master the caretaker of the Ivy tower including the mascot characters "bean sprouts".

But these won't be the only characters you can control in the game, a ice witch named Reina and Shrout a mysterious knight are also at your disposal.
A young thief named Volks Zaeed and Mimily Bahamut a halfdragon girl were also announced for this week so look forward to it!

Other than usual dungeon crawler RPGs Legasista let's you grow your food and weapons yourself. In the game's shop inside the tower you are able to buy bean sprouts that change into either food or throw-able items over the course of time, if you plant them somewhere.
It is also said that the weapons you will get in the dungeon are breakable so be careful about what to fight and what best to avoid.

According to System prisma you're able to pixel your own (not story related) characters to form a group of sheer unbelievable fandom.
Three cross-over characters have been reveald so far, our favourite anti-hero/demon king Laharl, Tio from Zero/Ao no kiseki and the Class of Heroes Dwarf character.

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