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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Darksiders 2: Death Eternal Teaser & Screens

THQ have just started sharing new material on Darksiders II that's been exclusive to a small group of journalists until now. 9 new Screenshots and Teaser are out already, so let's take a look at them!

We have just released 9 new Darksiders II screenshots across the globe. From being up-close and personal with Death to live action showing off Death’s new weapons!

Apart from the images, there are also some more things worth mentioning regarding the Gameplay of Darksiders II. Thrifty Nerd, for example, reports on Loot Drops, Perks and more weapons (some of them seen on the screens):

In addition to the new moves, there are now loot drops from enemies outside of the scripted boss and chest items. These items falls into one of three gear sets: necromancer, slayer and wander type items that give added perks, health leech, heavy armor and agility – respectively.
Death can acquire a large assortment of scythe weapons through his journey as well as claws that deal less damage, but have a higher attack rate. To further deal damage to the foul creatures littering the landscape, there is the addition of a branching skill tree system that allows you to focus on the harbinger or necromancer branches to make Death better fit your playing style.

You can also see Death riding some sort of construct on one Screenshot - yes, that's in the game as well. Unlike the first game, the sequel is also bringing sidequests and extra dungeons on the table - and once again Vigil pointed out that the first Darksiders might be one of the many dungeons in the second game, based on size and content.

Seems like the "Darksiders 2 is gonna be huge!" statement has not been forgotten!

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