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Friday, February 17, 2012

French Bread's New Game Arrives!

Publisher Ecole released some screenshots of the game along with it's title. It is know for months that this game exists and that it's "kind of" a Melty Blood successor in HD. But the game will probably not have anything to do with Type Moon's beloved fighter spin-off.

The game itself is called Under Night In-Birth and includes around 12 fighters for now. Hyde, Linne, Orie, Gordeau, Carmine, Waldstein, Seth, Yuzuriha, Merkava, Vatista and at least one unknown character.

On the websites special section you are able to retrieve some good looking or comical avatars consisting from character profiles up to christmas/ holiday avatars.

The game itself is powered by Segas Ringedge hardware and will be one of the more accessible fighters out there, especially for newcomers of this genre. According to the news and blogposts the controls will be rather simple compared to other games.
A possible example for this might be BlazBlue where the player's able to go all crazy with the buttons.

According to Dustloop:
  • In-Birth, is pronounced as Inverse
  • The characters are 100% original
  • The development started after Current Code launch
  • 4 button usage
  • The resulution is apparently 1280x720 HD resolution with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • Type Moon is not related (as far as we know)


  • EXS: your meter. supers are 100%.
  • GRD: enhances attack/defense as it increases
  • shield(back+d): different from MB's as it seems to push opponent back
  • assault(fwd+d): think command dash. Can be attacked from. uses meter.
  • concentration(neutral d): charges exs.
  • chain shift(d twice): your roman cancel. also converts EXS and GRD
  • veil off(a+b+c): a sort-of heat. lasts 5 seconds, increases power, blows opponent off. may also work as a burst. makes it possible to use..
  • infinite worth(?) can also be used with 200% EXS. your desperation super or w/e.
  • throws and techs are 2 button. you can press buttons to reduce damage

Besides an unbelievable promotion trailer you are allowed to see some actual gameplay by clicking right >>here<<

Authors Note:

»Yeah it's that time again~«

Character Profiles:
(translated by SielCiel from GameFAQ, thank you very much for that)

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