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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

War in the North is out - or is it?

Well, at least in the USA.
Warner somehow seemed fine with delaying the Game for another 8 to 24 days, depending on the region. Of course, the UK gets to play it last, why wouldn't they?
Retailers already pressured digital distributioners like Steam to hold back Preorders for certain regions, and let's not mention the rising prices of many games by various publishers for Australia, Warner amongst them.

Ironically, all the releases of War in the North that are floating on the web already (albeit without a crack yet) seem to be "Multi5" versions, including various european languages, like German. Even the Steam Storepage tells us that English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish are included with full audio support and Russian, Polish as well as Portuguese-Brazil with localized text.
The US version got that - yet the rest of the world, which these localizations have been made for - have to wait til the end of the month.
Shady, isn't it?

Even worse, Steam let people preload the game prior to the release date, which then(!) got postponed for certain regions.
Evil tongues already speculate this has something to do with Warner joining EA's Origin project.

Now now, here comes the positive part of this post!
This delay gives all of you/us Europeans (and others) the chance to CANCEL our preorders while the US-Gamers and Reviewers present their opinions on the game.

I'm gonna get my hands on the game probably later today and will try to hurry through it (as I'm a huge LotR fan, I'd rather hurry and get it over with than torturing myself for ages). I'll give a report after my first few hours, and especially am gonna focus on whether the game is sticking to actually established lore or twists the works of Tolkien around.

In the end I hope to get a full review out asap, probably before I get back to finishing my Deus Ex: HR one (sorry about that, but it's clearly pissing me off and I could easily rant 20000 words without ceasing to find issues with the game, but nobody would read that, so I have to condense it to something more enjoyable).

Last words:
Please do yourselves a favor and CHECK REVIEWS! Gather information, make sure you really want to pay for this product!
Otherwise you'll most probably end up with a game you'll regret having bought...

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