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Friday, January 13, 2012

HATSUNE MIKU and Future Stars - Project Mirai Commercial!

But not only that, with this small little clip it seems that the themesong for the game has finally be revealed!

Sadly as of now, no western release date has been revealed, which means that this could either take a long time... or we might never get it.
To clarify this horrible fact once more, an import seems impossible as of now.

Have fun watching it and you can also listen to the full song by Deco 27 here

Yume Yume

But want to know why they decided to region lock their handheld? Well then let's have a look at Nintendo's statement from one year ago:

»Nintendo spoilers«


Author's Note:

Don't we all want to thank Nintendo for that..? *twitching eye*

»Not armed but dangerous nonetheless«

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