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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nippon Ichi Sets Their New Game for June!

Thanks to Dengeki Playstation we finally have the release date for the Playstation 3 RPG "The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers" aka Majo to Hyakkihei which was previously announced for spring release.
Now they decided to release it in early summer, to make things even more specific June 28th!

The Dengeki also included a full preview for the game, including characters and gameplay details!

The player, aka you, will be able to select from ten different weapon types, then they can be assigned to the five slots available to your undead soldier.
New is that Nippon Ichi's newest creation will also include a gambling area, where you can do some fishing, dice game or other minigame activities to your liking.

While you're playing as the mighty witch Metallica (where did we hear that name before?), you can call upon the soldiers of the undead, as the title suggests there are 100 of them. They will obey every word and fight your battles for you.

It is also mentioned that Metallica can enslave various enemies, otherwise you can use them as powersource for your undead minions. The little soldier souls will eat on the livings flesh and recover some of their stamina in the process.

Already waiting to preorder the japanese version? Then this might interest you!

The limited edition of the game will include the following to quench the hunger of your soul:
[First Release - Limited Edition Bonuses]
  • Nendoroid Petite "Witch Metallica"
  • Setting materials (gorgeous hard back style)
  • Original soundtrack CD (2 CD set planned)


Not impressed yet? Maybe the cuteness of a nendoroid pucchi is able to sway you in your ways~

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