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Monday, September 5, 2011

Some sort of Introduction

Yahoo~ minna!

As you can see we work together here, I'm (most of the time) known as Alkaid on the internet. And I'm the biggest Luka maniac there is on the earth, even though I do not have the money to support everything of her I want to own.
That aside, we made this blog to inform a few people of highly underrated games we became very fond of over the hours of gameplay and of course other reviews of games we find interesting.

For now it might stay that way since we are a duo, so to speak, DarkChaplain here and me, no one else. Not that anyone on earth would be happy with our crazy thought process anyway. ^^'''

So it'll probably stay that way it is now for a while until we are able to actually concentrate ourselves regarding the design and such. Review first, everything else inbetween. So please don't be taken abback by this new... well let's call it..."theme".
Thanks and I hope that you all will have a good time reading through our upcoming reviews!

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