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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Magicka: The Stars are Left

A grand day for all who love Lovecraft's works, like me, and Magicka!
Cthulhu's gonna arrive soon, spreading mind-entangling madness amongst wizards all around the world!
“more insane than a black goat with a thousand young,”
R'lyeh is calling, just like all the interesting puns Arrowhead already started to use

The Stars are Left includes:

• An all-new adventure, several levels long, allowing players to get lost in space and time
• 2 new challenge maps
• 2 new robes
• 2 new bosses
• 5 new achievements
• 7 new enemies
• Considerably more than 2 new items and Magicks
• Also, we make fun of Minecraft this time

Are you gonna join the magical madness when The Stars are Left launches this winter?

PS: If you want some madness already, pick up Cthulhu Saves the World on Steam - its featured on the Halloween Sale for $2/1,33€!

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