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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Recettear & Chantelise 75% off!

Not kidding, these two games are too excellent to pass on them!

Both Alkaid and I absolutely love these little gems, they're worth every cent.
And believe me, they're dirt cheap today. You've got over 22 hours to buy them with that discount, so hurry. They won't eat your hard-earned cash without giving you a fantastic experience in return.

Chantelise comes along for 1,99€ / $2.49 while Recettear (which will last longer) costs only 3,74€ / $4.99 today. Yes, fair pricing for european customers, isn't that nice?

Grab the demos of Recettear and Chantelise on their Steam-storepages and try them yourselves!

Both games come with a charming taste of humor and heartwarming scenes, and I can only recommend them as christmas presents for people interested in gaming, no matter how old they might be. They're also fitting gifts for your kids, siblings or cousins.

A note apart from the actual games:
Carpe Fulgur is really doing a great job localizing these games, and there's more to come.
If you appreciate the effort, please spread the word to your friends, family or random strangers on the internet, show them that these games are worth the money and support Carpe Fulgur in their Holy Quest to bring us awesome doujin games to enjoy!

Click the image to visit the game's storepage on steam!

Co-Worker edit: Buy it, it's really great, extremely good/addicting and very old-school!

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