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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tales of The Heroes: Twin Brave Characters

Love the Tales of series?
In desperate need for more?
Well here you go, with the PSP "Sengoku Basara"/"Dynasty Warriors" style team based gameplay of Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave!

Namco Bandai anounced it a while ago on the TGS'11 with a huge delicious Trailer of the game and some neat screenshots. This time they provide new Characters and new Gameplay details for the average players.

As the Title Twin Brave suggests the game will always feature two heroes you fight with from the Tales series, which has now 15 titles (that would be 30 characters to choose from).
Namco Bandai hasn't mention much apart from the battle system but the game looks pretty good so far.
It also has been revealed that new skits, new secret Mystic Artes will become available by pairing characters from different titles, such as Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Graces.

Want to know with which characters you're able to brawl yourself through hordes of enemies? Then look no further here's the list for now:

»Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave Xillia Spoilers«

»Tales of The Heroes Twin Brave Graces Spoilers«

»Tales of The Heroes Twin Brave Vesperia Spoilers«

»Tales of The Heroes Twin Brave Symphonia Spoilers«

»Tales of The Heroes Twin Brave Phantasia Spoilers«

Luke Fan Fabre and Guy Cecil from Tales of the Abyss have also been confirmed.
Reid Hershel and Farah Oersted will represent Tales of Eternia in this brawl fest.

The Game will be released for PSP on Feb 23, 2012, for 6280 yen. A Premium Edition will be available for 9980 yen, which seemingly includes the following:
  • The game
  • A table calendar
  • The premium novel
  • 3-CD Tales Drama Audio and
  • Figures.
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