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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Last Story - European Debut Trailer!

Can't wait for that?
Well understandable Nintendo's little unfair treatment for the United States continues. Wikipedia already hints that there might even be an Australian version for the game, though the release has yet to be announced.
Here's the long awaited European trailer, with japanese dub, that might even be in the game or not. Another thing that has yet to be confirmed for us.

Those who do now know what the Last Story is, it's an Nintendo Wii RPG from Mistwalker aka former Squaresoft. Those are your old school Final Fantasy developers from I to IX right here, yes even Final Fantasy VII.
Composer will be or rather was Uematsu Nobuo, so scrub the dust off your Wii and get the Wiimote... ready to follow Elza, Kanan, Seiren, Quark, Yuris, Jackal and Manamia into battle?
Then make yourself ready for a strategic battlesystem, online co-op mode and a really classy soundtrack!

Might this be the cover you get or will there be a little surprise in store for Europe?
Unlike Final Fantasy XIII Versus this will be released in 2012 and has a seemingly similar battle system to boot.

Soundtrack preview


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