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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Toki to Towa - Time & Eternity

first of ...*bows* my apologies... none of those crappy son of a b*cough* tools I downloaded or installed actually worked on a live stream. That being said you won't be able to watch the whole interview of Toki to Towa but we have the trailer!

Basically all they did was joke around, laugh and talk a bit about the creation process about the game. It was a stunning experience especially when they asked the viewers some questions regarding certain other games.

Ryoei Mikage CEO of Imageepoch stated that the game originated as a design document from long ago. One Day he looked over it again and thought "that the playstation 3 could at last be able to handle this kind of task". But he also ended up rewriting the whole idea after seeing over it.

Illustrator Vofan, whom we know from Bakemonogatari (and the ending illustrations from Ore no Imouto) did not come into the developement until midway through the whole project (according to Mikage it was somewhen between the second and third prototypes). The whole staff discussed who would be a good match for the game characters and so they decided on Vofan.

Composer Koshiro Yuzo, who also worked on 7th Dragon 2020, Criminal Girls, Y's III and Dragonslayer was chosen because Ryouei Mikage listened to his previous works while writing the design doc.

The Games main voice actors Yonaga Tsubasa and Hanazawa Kana also delivered a videomessage that was fairly amusing. The main character is 18 years old and considered as "pure" since he had to marry a woman without even being able to touch her once before.
They also stated that TokiTowa has a major secret in the game. They did not want to spoil it and said that we should play the game for ourselves to see what it is.

  • As of now the game's base programm is complete, meaning around 20% of the game is done
  • They want to release it this year, probably winter 2012.
  • They want to get the game ready for the TokyoGameShow (TGS) so that they can show it off at their booth.
  • Toki to Towa will have a mix of fixed and moveable cameras
  • It will also make use of Downloadable content, though they already cleared that it will be completely additional footage
  • CEO Mikage said that it ight even be possible to cheat on Toki-hime (our wife in the game)

That's basically concludes the first event. Those who expected something larger were likely disappointed but overall it was a nice experience. The staff seemed to be serious about the project but honest and relaxed enough to joke about certain topics, like other games which are currently in developement like Fate/EXTRA CCC and Black Rock Shooter.

Oh and they also shared some names and new Artwork, hope I've got them right~

According to the nico nico live stream the names could be from left to right
Wedi-chan, Enda-san, Leido-san and Hiromo-sama

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