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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Playstation Vita - Hardware special

The all new, sleek Sony handheld previously known as NGP (Next Generation Portable) already sold over 321,407 units in its first two days!

That's a lot of stuff for merely 48 hours, infront of some stores where lines with over 600 people waiting to get their new little shiny black thing.
On Wednesday might be moreinformation for you in store since Media-Create is going to release their weekly hardware and software sales chart by then!

Also we have a little surprise for you here, want to know how that thingy looks from the inside? We have some pictures for you and they are really something! :D

As you can see the small 2210mAH battery is really something else.
Now your quesion might be, what does that mean?
mAh stands for "Milliamp hours".

Usually flashlight bulbs (but bulbs are usually rated in mA but that's not important now) are around 500mAh those require two standard AA batteries to shine for a while. a 3V 500mAh bulb with two 2850mAh batteries would be able to enlighten your environment for around 11-12 hours. With a few 1850 mAh batteries the bulb would only be able to shine for around 7.4 hours on the other hand.

The Playstation Vita is no where near the low requirements of a lightbulb naturally. But you are able to see where this is going. The PSVita has one touchpanel (rear), and a touchscreen(front), around 12 buttons to press and all that requires energy to work with.

on GAF someone already provided a battery test and the results are the following:

»Battery Test«

As you might be able to see, Sony really pulled something nice out of their sleeves this time. Kotaku also reported that this device is well worth the money, there are a few downsides to it, but overall it's a well-thought out and well executed device.

But the overall questions for most of the players are:
"Will I love it/like it"
and "Is it worth spending so much money even though it might not be able to handle all PSP games?"

This if for you to decide, no one will be able to answer you all that question.

Because tastes differ even if it's just slightly.
The only thing that we are able to say is:
That this device is certainly different form the DS, 3DS or Playstation Portable. Not only because Sony intends to use their new device in different ways, aka for gamers, but because in the last years they hardly disappointed us, gaming, publisher and feature wise.

Also keep in mind that there are always downsides to something, no matter what you do, buy or where you go. Sony is just a company like Nintendo and Microsoft. The only thing that distinguishes them from other companies is that Sony decided to stop region locking their devices.

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