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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Stars are Left is out!

Just a short newsflash - surprisingly, it just got released on Steam... alongside two item packs.

Grab the packs here:

The Stars are Right is a new Adventure expansion for the highly popular and successful PC action/adventure game Magicka. This time Arrowhead has moved on from the jungles of Vietnam and set their sights on the maddening Cthulhu mythos. For the first time since the release of the original game players will once again be able to join forces in a coop-supported adventure campaign. Fighting their way through several completely new levels, fending off multitudes of strange horrors, vanquishing horrid bosses and solving peculiar puzzles.

For use in the Challenge and Versus modes only!
Chainsaw - Unfortunately this chainsaw requires an operational hand to wieldFreeze Ray - In case that pesty global warming is trying to ruin your Christmas.
Sickle of the Corn - Any fanatic child's weapon of choice Anger Management Stick - Turn that frown upside down... by smacking somebody with this!
Spicy Meatball - Goes KA-BOOM like nothing elseFrostjoy - Now all you need from Santa is a proper throne.
Baseball Bat - Good for smashing office appliancesRolling Pin - Good for baking, if people don't like your pastries, hurl this at them.
Skull Club - We though about spoofing Pokémon but we did a club with a skull on it insteadTimell's Revenge - The carpenter's best friend!
Tommy Gun - If you accidently unleash a daemon upon the world, make sure you have one of theseHot Frying Pan - As if hitting somebody with a frying pan wouldn't hurt enough, this one's constantly hot!
Sinister - Looks the way it soundsGrayskull - Any kid's dream present!
Tyrants Axe - This very true axe will make you feel immortalLovestaff - Spread some of that family love!
Elf Slasher - An elf's worst nightmareDeflection Staff 2.0 - New and improved!
Six Shooter - Fully loaded upon deliverySausage Staff - You guys want sausages, this will give you sausages!
Staff of the Infernal Abyss - Unleash unholy powers upon your foesBanner of the Crusade - In case people forget what Christmas is all about.

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