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Saturday, December 24, 2011

- Dame Dame yo~ - Luka Night Fever!


Low quality since I ripped if from NicoNicoDouga... my aplogies... *bows*
We need a donation button here, I'd love to have Diva Arcade and a proper recording device! >//////< But first of we need more fellow gamers on here, so we're gonna work on that next year! Once more thank you very much for all your support and your visits! *bows*

Also there's a new (Yamaha) Vocaloid on the way! IA!

There she is! :3

Isn't IA cute? You think she can't compare with our beloved Luka?
Well you're kind of right with that... but since every Vocaloid has it's own charm and appeals, please look into her demo tracks! ^^
Yes, you are reading that, Angel Beats! "My Soul, Your Beats!" is one of them

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