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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tales of Graces F - European Release Date & Cover

First of let's start the day with some "high-five" news!
Europe, the long shunned one regarding RPGs; who's gained a little more ground by localizing Xenoblade and Last Story first, has once more reason to rejoice.

The US won't be the only country who'll be able to get to play Tales of Graces F! Those patient Tales of and J-RPG players in Europe will as well!

»Tales of Graces Opening Lyrics«

This release actually means that the strong headed, patient, relentless Tales of Fans; who fought for the release of another Tales title in western regions achieved something incredible. And with the help of Namco Bandai we are now able to enjoy this game in the "summer hole" where usually not many games are released.

So on to the long awaited news:

In Europe Tales of Graces F will be released in the following additional languages besides english:
French and German.

This might not seem as much, since there are so many, many countries in Europe with different languages. Considering that this is a matter of financials and that even 12 year olds ought to learn at least english nowadays it's not such a bad deal. If anything on this changes regarding that matter we will immediately post some news or update in this matter.

For an similar example see Dissidia 012, there was just one difference at that time SE had the money to actually make satisfying translations but chose not to. Which created a huge uproar.

So how will that pretty little thing look like?

Someone other than the rest of Europe and England (aka Germany)might... well... exchange the ESRB logo with the huge ass USK one ''¬__¬ which might then cover 1/4th of the frontside...

So don't forget to save up some money for your: SUMMER 2012!

So there only remains one thing:


And praying that we will get the awesome .Hack and Hatsune Miku DLC as well as all the others with it.

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