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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Luka And Her Crazy Followers Wish You All: A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Yahooo to all of you! We have a special kurisumas presento for you all. Or rather Sega has it!

Hopefully you will enjoy this weekend in your nice and cozy homes by now, everyone needs a chance to relax for a bit. Especially when there's so much going on around you. So get your hot lemon tea ready, stretch your legs on a footstool and try to cherish the time with (or without) your family.

And for all those lonesome, brave gamers out there:
You guys rule, lets rock on no matter what happens, since there will always be a game or two that we will be able to share with each other!

~See you guys soon!~

Authors Note:
Usually the poster of your news doesn't like that snowy chummy festival so much but that turned out completely different this year! Not only because dear Alkaid finally got her beloved nearly-undressed C.C./Shizu mousepad as a presento from a friend, nah! But Darky, my co-worker on this blog, is gone for the whole day! So I've got this place all for myself!


So thank you very much for visiting our humble blog LukaLovesGames and we hope that you all will have a nice 2011/2012! There will be even more gaming going on next year so stay tuned for more! *bows*

P.S. this is the first time I'm acutally able to listen to those songs without turning them off after 20 seconds!Luka's charm must be the reason for this!

»re-working my art!«

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