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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Madoka Magica Portable

As you can see that vile creature is back to create more Mahou Shoujo. Once more supporting that thing hardly bodes well if one already has finished the animation. If not do so, it's a really good one.
Since HomuHomu is advertising the game I made an exception for it.
For more information about the first person game please visit the official site

No Information has been leaked when the game actually plays, it could be anything even an alternate universe.
The game will be released in two editions, a standard box including a bonus DVD, and a limited edition box containing a Madoka Figma, a bonus Blu-ray Disc, a Kyubey pouch, a 'HomuHomu' handkerchief and a special clear card for all who are willing to import it to enjoy.
or burn... burn that pouch...

Also consult AmiAmi and Sony Computer Entertainment if they have lost their minds!! bringing this abomination to us!

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