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Thursday, December 29, 2011

P4 the Golden! News!

Helloooo~ and welcome back to your personal Midnight Arena! This time when you get sucked into your precious TV there will be some changes in for you that might come in handy!

Famitsu mentioned that Persona 4G will include the following new features aka "things that fans wished for after playing the original title":

  • You will be able to make two out of three battle allies/friends do a simultaneous attack. But considering that both characters will attack it might skip the turn of the second character or both.
  • The new version of Persona 4 will also include new events including a skiing holiday event and one at the inn (probably the Amagi one since it was partially included in the Animation).
  • A highly requested feature was cosplaying, like in Persona 3FES you will once more be able to change your characters clothing. Meido, fighter and so on. As always the characters will not only wear them in events but also in battle.
The magazine also introduced a new wireless feature which goes by the name of "Minna no Koe" aka Everyones Voice. By using this feature you wil be able to see what actions other players took on a given day.
And now prepare yourself for some gorgeous screenshots!! Don't let yourself get carried away just because they are pretty-kuma!! Especially the kind, thughtful and pretty Yukiko-sama can be pretty scary-kuma! But who exactly is that Mari character anyway... ... kuma...*worried*

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