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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tales of Innocence - R Screenshot Time!

New screenshots of Tales of Innocence R have arrived, this time detailed Artes pictures of Ruca, Astra his blade Durandal, Spada, Iria and Inanna, Ricardo, Hypnos as well as Ange and Orifiel.
While we are stil eagerly waiting for an announcement Japan will be able to play the game on January 26.

Tales of Innocence R will then be available on Playstation Vita and Nintendo DS. Since the release chances of the DS version are pretty slim (it was already released in 2006) the PSVita might be able to provide another ray of hope for a localization on western shores for this title.

Other than that there are also sweet images of the arena and a certain special guest we all crave for. Of course this time in Tales of Innocence design and not the usual oil paining one. ;)

Also down here some artworks including Vrtra the Dragon.
»Character Artworks in a Spoiler«

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