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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yahoo minna the Hyperdimension Neptune - Q&A is up!

Genki desu ne!?

Well that you've seen this fanart abomination probably not anymore.... *lol* Guess I have to apologize to my co-worker here for killing or rather blinding our visitors later on... changed the header, couldn't live with it anymore, sumimasen

I wanted to post something here, since I'm a huge fan of

Hyperdimension Neptune/Neptunia.

It's not exactly news but in case you failed to notice Siliconera and NISA finished the Q&A for the gamers!
If you haven't asked your question yet... it's probably too late to do so, or you could just head over to the Nippon Ichi America Forums!

Here you go, one link to the Q&A:
Siliconera Q&A with NISA

There they answered the most crazy questions about the game without hinting too much on the actual gameplay. That's some kind of sweet fanserice here, so applause for NISA! We would wish some more initiative on those matters from other publishers as well, wouldn't we?

And to make those horrors I put you through now all well again... (hopefully)

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