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Friday, December 16, 2011

Tales of the Heroes Twin Brave - Another Tales of:

New character Videos are available to your leasure as well as three scans and some information that might make your heart skip a beat!
Two of the Newcomers you will find in this post are Shing and Kohaku form the DS title Tales of Hearts

Shing Meteoryte

Kohaku Hearts

Shahn/Stan Aileron, Leon Magnus from Tales of Destiny
and Kyle Dunamis as well as Reala from Tales of Destiny 2

Now that more characters have been confirmed, Namco Bandai also revealed that:
  • There will be around 24 different battle environments!
  • The characters can be costumized as well! Not only via their Arts as usual, but also their equipment like armor, weapons and accessories.
  • and
  • Two new modes were introduced: Score Attack (which is linked to the Twin Brave website and Tournament Mode

»The Characters So Far«

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