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Monday, December 12, 2011

"Actress Again Current Code" Demo delayed

And once more like it SHOULD NOT happen... we're waiting and waiting. It's hard to believe that one can get so impatient after waiting more than two years to get this game on the PC.
Most of the Players might already own the Playstation two version and love it to hell and back.
A friend of mine for example is constantly remindung me that I said something like:
"I will defeat you again and again! Akiha is still in there and Red Arc as well! Not even RYOUGI or Type Earth can stop me!" (guess I was too full of myself 'cause he's still waiting like a hawk. xD)

So like SRK already reported:

The previously announced Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code demo that was set to release today has supposedly been delayed. The demo was to include full online capabilities so fighters could test the waters against other players, but an error in the game’s netcode has forced the developers to push back its release. While a new date has yet to be revealed, French-Bread asks fans to wait patiently a little while longer while they work out the kinks.

so to make it kinda up for you guys once more the PS2 previews:
»Melty Blood Ryougi, Roa, Akiha Seifuku introduction«

»Actress Again Original Soundtrack Preview«
Unlike the PS2 version current code will be updated and tweaked further so that the games balancing is further improved. A PS3 or X360 version of the Melty Blood series has yet to be announced. But every Type Moon Fan already knows that a HD version of this game would be bloody lovely!

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