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Friday, December 16, 2011

Playstation Vita - Does Size Matter?

You might find yourself asking exactly that when you look at the 3DS or the UMD disks.
Most of the cardriges and different media over the years took many forms and colors. But no matter where you go, having several disks or modules with you is always a disadvantage.

As much as we gamers love games and like to enjoy them, there's always the problem that one might get lost or damaged out of various unforeseen reasons. And with a price range from $10 to $100 or more; that risk is mostly something no hardcore gamer, nerd or otaku wants to take.

There is no ultimate solution because even the devices we play on might break some day. But one thing the videogaming industry has learned over the years is that "smaller size is always more handy but not always more comfortable for the costumers".

That might be one of the reasons Sony decided to replace the UMD with something more convenient and smaller solution. Which will give the developers larger possibilities not only in terms of memory space. That also means that there will be smaller load times and also extra savings regarding production and packaging costs.

Now you might be curious what you will get, when you decide buy one of those new Playstation Vita games:

To your left a off-the-shelf PS Vita case, in the middle you see a 3DS game card, a 1GB SD card, a PSVita game card and a micro SD.
And to your right once more the 3DS and PS Vita game card, this time the height difference.

Ultimately it's up to the players. Some might think this change is a bad thing, others might find it amusing, good even and the third party won't care. But none of those might be able to deny that it'll be much more fun playing games, if the loading noise of the UMD is no where to hear.
And as usual there will be lots of accessorie on the way.

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