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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Atlus is Taking Care of Your Persona(l) Needs!

Yeah okay, I'll give it to you guys, that title is quite cheesy...but...!

We have new screenshots here, quite psychodelic ones indeed! So colorful that even Teddy looks a bit more stern than usual!

So now that we cleared that and you're probably colorblind or confused by the kaleidoscope effect, let's look at those animation images for a second!
There we have A scene where everyone looks fairly energetic if we take Yosuke and Main Dude Shouji Seta/Narukami Yu aside.
On the second one beautiful camera panning to the seaside which basically screams "let's go fishing" and... oh now look at that!

Mari! So that lady has got a really blue blackground and is important enough to be in the opening? Well ... could it be that she really has something to do with the velvet room?

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