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Friday, February 10, 2012

Miku and Future Stars in Project Mirai

What Sega will get with this might not only be a big bag of money but also lots of new people who will love Miku (and especially Luka) to death.

Our little perfect divas are now able to perform on your desk through Nintendo's AR cards. YES PERFORM, I READ IT TWICE TO MAKE SURE T^T when they now would make a alarm clock out of it I'd die inside.... s-sorry digressing...

Once little Miku shows up you're able to talk on stalker activities like letting her pose for you. snapping pictures at every possible second and force her to cosplay for you is also possible. :D

The Hatsune Miku Project Mirai Blog was also updated with a few pictures of the new comment feature. Like in NicoNico you're now able to comment videos and pictures with short phrases. Andriasang also said that a video might be up sooner or later where we could see the features for ourselves.

In those screenshots new songs have been revealed! One of them is Matryoshka with Gumi, one of the Megpoid characters!! :D

As well as Happy Snythesizer, here performed by Luka and Gumi!

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