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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trails of Blue/Ao no Kiseki huuuge Demo available in JP

Japan teases us once more with outstanding service from Falcom.
You know Falcom right? Right?? Sora no Kiseki, Ao no Kiseki, Zero no Kiseki, aka Legend of Heroes series? :D

As of today, all who have a japanese playstation network account are able to download a trail version of Ao no Kiseki which puts the word "demo" to shame.

This huge sample of the game's sheer unbelievable old school RPG capabilities will give you dear players of the world the opportunity to play through the whole prologe as well as midway the first chapter!

BUT there IS a catch.

Since we here in the west only recieved chapter one of Sora no Kiseki so far and Ao no kiseki is a direct sequel to that... well guess what?

As River Song from Dr. Who would say: "SPOILERS"

Falcom suggests playing the sampler while you wait for tonight's Legend of Heroes Zero no Kiseki Evolution press conference. This will be held at 18:00. See this story for viewing instructions.

Time Converter (yes it's 18 o'clock in japanese time again)

Willing to take a hit?
Then go to the Japanese PSN, got to the PSP Games option, then to the PSP trails (fourth icon from the left), then right to the demo versions of Twin Brave and Ao no Kiseki! 440MB ant it'll be yours to keep and play until we finally get the second and third Sora no Kiseki chapters!

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