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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nichijou Now Includes Papercrafts!

Today Chara-ani's Toy'sworks Collection really made every Nichijou fan regret that they do not swim in moneyz~

12 Packs in one box, 63 mm high/small and they include "Nichijou Paper Crafts" that yu have to build together anf are able to display with the small figures when you buy them.

See that person to the right? That's Mai-chan, she's trolling the hell out of every other person in the series! I love her and Sakamoto :D

It's during classes! The teacher is still talking and Yuuko (here in stunned white) already did lots of stupid stuff during the lesson, but Mai-chan topped it all of!

the Box includes:

-Minakami Mai 2 versions
-Naganohara Mio 2 versions
-Aioi Yuuko (Yurushite hiyashinsu, punishment version)
-Hakase with Sakamoto x2 (Nano, nano~)
-Shinonome Nano x2 (weapon...& without)
and probably at least one secret or another alternate version

You can order them from AmiAmi for a big bag of money (around 6,600 Japanese Yen.)

Second Season needed right now!

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