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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Playstation Vita games listed!?!?

Let's play "I spy with my little eye..."

Thanks to Ghostlight_Ross's tweet on twitter we can see a shining ray of hope regarding awesome games on the Playstation Vita.

Sorry for the capital letters but my heart is beating like crazy since I saw that. If that were to be true we would get aother Tales of, that's like a jackpot.

Eurogamer posted that listed 4 Playstation Vita games that are to 3/4's a first day buy (at least for me)

Monster Hunter 3 for Playstation Vita,
the same goes for
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Nights
Tales of Innocence-R
Final Fantasy Type-0

Sony will host a PlayStation Vita web broadcast on Friday, March 9 at 20:00 JST, where it will announce new titles for the handheld. It is titled 'Welcome! PlayStation Vita Game Heaven.

We will wait Sony, we will wait, give us some awesomeness to look forward to! Confirm it to be true, pretty please?!

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